The demise of windows. Hi there OS X.

Up until this point I’ve always been a windows user. Sure I’ve tried out linux, os X and once even hackintosh but mainly because I was curious.. not because I seriously considered to switch. I’ve used pretty much all versions of windows from win95 on and up (except for windows ME really). I’m the sort of person that rather uses new software that may still be a bit buggy then older, refined versions.
I also don’t tend to rage a redesigns (new youtube awesome! New facebook certainly not worse then before). – Windows 8 however…

Here’s how I see things: At first I was like “Nice, metro looks pretty cool”. So I went, downloaded the developer preview and installed it on my old notebook. It’s a four year old Lenovo T61 with a dual core cpu & 2gigs Ram that has run windows 7 nicely for a long time.









The Good:
The installation was fast and Windows 8 runs pretty smooth even on a old machine. The OS also appears to be stable. I also like that they’re making a app-store, so it will be easy to buy/sell apps.


The Bad:

Win 8 is not one operating system, it is two. And while that may sound like an awesome deal at first (hey 2 for the price of one ;) ), it is not. At this point you can’t use metro without switching back to the desktop for organizing files etc. since there’s no metro-explorer. And you can also not just use the classic desktop because programs are launched from within metro.
Even worse there’s not even drag & drop between metro and desktop. You also can’t have desktop apps in front of metro.
In the end this makes for a very unpleasant workflow.. it’s not that you can’t get used to it.. but it feels strange to switch between metro and desktop all the time.. I’ve also come to like the transparent skin in win7 and windows 8 just feels like a step back to XP.


The Evil:
Microsoft is trying with all it’s might to make everyone use metro. They even disabled a registry key that allowed you to get the old start menu back. They also wanted to reduce the new visual studio 2012 express to metro-apps only. Due to massive community outrage they reverted from that idea though.
But here’s what’s really annoying me. MS is trying the iOS strategy of a walled garden OS. I could respect that if it was done through and through.. but instead they do it half-way.. like the rest of their system. They make rules what you can or can not do with your computer. For example every website that wants to display adobe-flash content in the metro browser has to get permissions by Microsoft.
This is just dumb.. if I want to open a website with flash then I should be able to.. after all I paid them for there OS and I paid the computer manufacturer for the computer.

In the end windows 8 is just not windows anymore, there’s next to no customization, it’s not optimized for professional work, MS tells you what you can or cannot do with your computer.

So yea.. I’ve made my decision. I don’t like windows 8. Now there’s no way for me to drop windows entirely, I’ll keep running windows 7 on my workstation. But instead of buying a new windows laptop I’ve chosen a retina macbook pro. Ofc even there I’ll still need windows, but a virtual machine running win7 will suffice.

So yea.. OS X +1

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