Static Archive – Site no longer maintained

Please be aware that this website is a static archive. I haven’t posted anything new on here since 2012. I keep it online for historic purposes because I like to believe that the internet doesn’t forget anything and so this

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How to hack a local network?

There are many ways to “hack” a local network. In this article we’ll focus on arp cache poisoning. If done right this will allow you to see what websites other computers on your network visit and also to see their

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IRIS Notes 2 Express – Digital Pen

When I started studying at HSR I’ve decided that I want to store all my notes digitally and only use as little paper as possible. Of course a laptop is the most obvious choice and for most classes that works

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Review: Macbook Pro Retina as a mobile workstation

For the most part of my life I’ve been a windows user. It’s not that I disliked mac os.. I just never saw a reason to switch. Lately though,.. this has changed. For one thing I don’t like windows 8.. because while

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The demise of windows. Hi there OS X.

Up until this point I’ve always been a windows user. Sure I’ve tried out linux, os X and once even hackintosh but mainly because I was curious.. not because I seriously considered to switch. I’ve used pretty much all versions

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Top 5 Uses for an old laptop and one unique idea!

So you got an old laptop and don’t know what to do with it? It’s just standing in the corner and gathering dust? Fear not, you can put it to several good uses! Top 5 List of things you can

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